The idle air control motor (IAC) controls changes in idle caused by engine load.Genuine Ford Part. Made to the original factory specifications from OEM quality materials, this Mustang Idle Air Control Valve with Motor is a direct fit OEM Ford replacement part that provides reliable maintenance-free operation.

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Mar 21, 2018 · A faulty idle air control (IAC) valve can cause a number of problems with your vehicle: 1. Incorrect idle speed: An IAC valve that sticks in the closed position will create an idle speed that’s too low. Your RPMs will drop way down the car may feel like it’s about to stall. On the other hand, an IAC valve that sticks in the open position ... IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE 85 4runner I was curious if an IACV valve opens when cold, closes when warm, and test for resistance within spec 39ohm-59ohm , tests at 49.9, is a working IACV valve? Sounds like a silly question but I saw one on eBay, cant get them new any more, and was wondering if there is any other function that would need to be tested.My 2000 4x4 4runner just after it starts up tends to have a funky idle. It rarely goes above 2000 rpm but it ranges from 300-1500 when idling after start. Also when I drive home from work it tries to idle as low as it can then if I don’t rev the engine it usually dies in the middle of traffic. Once it’s going it’s fine though. I’ve already cleaned the IAC and the Mass airflow sensor ... Buy a 1997 Toyota 4Runner Idle Control Valve at discount prices. Choose top quality brands API, DIY Solutions, Genuine, Intermotor, Replacement, Standard Motor Products, Walker. NewYall Idle Air Control IAC Valve w/GasketProduct Description & Features:Fit 1996-2000 Toyota 4Runner, TacomaFit 1996-1998 Toyota T100 Brand:

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May 05, 2010 · Idle Air Control Valve Hello everyone, its a pleasant day today here in Nassau County at 60 degrees clear skies. I have a problem with my IACV which I cleaned out thoroughly about several months ago and again seems that it needs another cleaning or better yet purchase one. Mixture Control Unit with Air Filter Removed(1), Throttle Valve As-sembly(2), Intake Housing (3), Secondary Air Pump (4) Fuel Pump Test Point (arrow) Porsche Injectors (5), Auxiliary Air Valve (6) 911,911s, 911SC beginning model 1976 CO Test Point for Vehicles with Catalytic Con-verter K-Jetronic Toyota Truck 4Runner Celica 22RE Auxiliary Air Idle Control Valve IAC AIC 83-88. $239.99. $299.99 ... 86 87 Toyota 4Runner Pickup Truck TURBO Mass Air Flow Sensor ...
L05 TBI 350 Idle Air Control Valve Problems, Need help calibrating. I replaced the Idle Air Control Valve and the idle seemed to be rather steady in park and gear for the past 4 months. I recently took the car to the mechanic to get the throttle body gasket replaced because I didn't feel comfortable taking off the throttle body. 87-89 Accord 88-91 Prelude Idle Air Control Valve Iacv 138200-0340 Refurb Tested: Used. US Seller. Prelude 1988 to 1991 2.0L. This valve has been ultrasonically cleaned and tested to manufacturers specs with a new mounting gasket installed. Prelude 1990 to 1991 2.1L. This valve will fit. $ 164.00 +$0.00 shipping